Dear Mama (to be),

I see you, you are so excited and scared at the same time. You want to tell the world but you also want to keep this special secret. What if something goes wrong, so you wait.
I see you mama, you are hungry and sick at the same time. You should eat every few hours but nothing tastes good. You try to keep good snacks on hand but all you really want are sweet tarts! Is it okay to have the caffeine when my head is pounding? Will that spicy food give me heartburn? Should I be eating more veggies? Will they just stop me up again? Will that meal with preservatives hurt my baby’s growth? What about Milk am I supposed to drink more? You know that you are eating for two and yet you don’t want to gain too much weight, trying to balance is hard and every mom has been there. This precious cargo you are carrying will let you know when to eat and what. Yes, sometimes it will be in the middle of the night for a run to McDonalds that is closing in 5 minutes but that is what daddy is for!
I see you Mama, you are wanting to look at baby clothes and nursery items but you also don’t want to get too excited. What if something goes wrong… so you wait. But then you see your baby’s first picture on the Ultra sound and hear the heartbeat. This has just become really real, you going to be a mama! Daddy is thrilled but now you have a whole new set of things to worry about. Am I going to be a good mama? (Yes, You will be!) do I go back to work or stay home? (either answer is correct and it is what works for your family). What I am going to wear in a few months? (Retail therapy is the best kind!)
Hang in there little mama to be you are about to be on a wild ride. Look around you to all the mothers that love you and have been in your place. You are blessed to have so many to teach you and to help you on this journey. You will make it!