Frequently Asked Questions

What is a doula?
  • Derived from the Greek, the term “doula” translates to “woman who serves.” A doula is a non-medical professional dedicated to accompanying and supporting the birthing woman throughout the journey of pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. Providing essential information for birth preparation and planning, a doula brings a wealth of knowledge regarding childbirth and potential interventions. Acting as a non-judgmental listener, she offers unwavering emotional support. Additionally, a doula is skilled in delivering physical support through comfort measures during labor and birth. This continuous support extends from the initial stages of pregnancy to several months into the postpartum period. Equipped with a myriad of resources, a doula enhances and enriches your birthing and parenting experiences.
Do you “replace” my husband/partner?
  • Absolutely not. A doula doesn’t assume any specific role in the birthing room; instead, she complements and adapts to the needs of the moment. If your partner prefers a hands-on approach, we guide and teach them optimal comfort measures, ensuring they’re actively involved by handling tasks like ice refills or refreshing washcloths. On the other hand, if your partner prefers a more hands-off approach, we take on the physical support while they focus on providing emotional support. In the absence of a partner, the doula can help fill those roles as needed. Our primary goal is to allow your partner to concentrate on supporting you in the way that feels the most meaningful and effective for both of you.
Do you deliver babies?

Certainly not. As mentioned earlier, doulas don’t take on any roles that your care provider holds, as we are not medical professionals. Our expertises lies in non-medical aspects of birth support. Although doulas are knowledgeable about the birthing process and various interventions, we do not possess the training for medical care tasks and will not be undertaking such responsibilities. Our focus is on providing informational, emotional, and physical support to enhance your birthing experience.

What if I don’t want a natural birth?

That’s fine! We wholeheartedly endorse all types of births – whether you’ve planned for a natural birth, with medications, a cesarean, or if unforeseen circumstances arise, or even if you prefer to decide in the moment. A doula is valuable and welcomed in any birthing scenario, providing necessary or desired support under all circumstances.

How do I apply for financial services?

Seeking financial aid is a straightforward process. Simply submit the “Contact Us” form and our team will promptly respond with a financial aid application. Keep an eye out for an email from “doulado”, which will include the necessary form for you to complete. Our services follow an income-based pricing model, ensuring accessibility for all.

How much will I have to pay?

Our services follow an income-based pricing model, ensuring accessibility for all. Prices are all determined individually based on the financial application.

Can I get the specific doula I want?

It’s possible! When requesting a doula, our aim is to align individuals based on personality and shared experiences. However, there are instances where the available doula for your desired due date and location may be the only match. We encourage you to meet with the doula assigned beforehand to assess if it feels like a good fit before moving forward.