About Us

Who We Are

Hope’s Embrace believes birth support should be accessible to all who want it. Over and over we have heard stories of “I wish I had known” or “if only someone had been there to help”. We are that help. We provide that support.
Birth used to take place surrounded by women. Women of the village would come and show the mother how to move to ease her labor pains. The women would gather and help this mother welcome new life. They were there through the pregnancy, the labor, the birth, and throughout the childhood. It’s often said that birth takes a village and it truly does.
Hope’s Embrace helps to foster that village by providing doulas to anyone who wants one regardless of the ability to pay. We want to come alongside women and be there through pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.
We want to provide a safe birth environment that allows the parents to be empowered and confident in their decisions to allow them to have a positive experience that will aid in a positive postpartum.

How We Started

“See a need, fill a need” was a quote I learned as a child and it’s the basis of how we started. Hope’s Embrace has been a long journey of trying to fill the gap of birth support between the socio-economic classes. There had to be a way to bring what we did to the lower income women as well. Sure enough, we found a way! We officially started in April of 2016 with our first birth and as of November of 2016, we have had our 501c3 status.

What We Do

Hope’s Embrace is committed to helping eradicate “I wish I had known” when it comes to birth. We listen, we don’t judge. We support. We offer resources and information. We do not force our own opinions about birth. Rather, we talk through options and allow you to make your own informed choices when it comes to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.
We also recognize nothing is guaranteed and sometimes things do happen. Because of that, we discuss prenatally what you might want to do in the case things don’t go the way you had hoped. A positive birth experience comes from more than just the birth you desire. It is also, in large part, feeling like your voice is heard and your desires matter, and you are respected.
Please note I am not a medical professional and any advice I give cannot be considered medical advice. I will not perform clinical tasks and if you have any specific questions, please consult with your care provider.