Dear Mama,
Do you know that you’re a great mama? I know a lot of times you don’t feel that way, but trust me when I say you are. Your mind is feeding you a lie that you are inadequate and unworthy of being your son’s mother, but you aren’t. Dear Mama, please hear me when I say it’s the postpartum depression talking.

I know because it lied to me, too. It told me I was inadequate. PPD told me I was a bad mom and someone else could do it better. PPD is a slow fade that works its way into your life. It’s a gradual thing and therefore easy to miss. You did nothing wrong, Mama. You couldn’t have seen it coming.
You beat yourself up over not having seen it, but many don’t. It’s a hard thing to see and that’s part of the lie. You tell yourself you’re just tired or they’re just hormones or this is just motherhood. Mama, it’s not. You don’t have to feel this way.
I see you question if you need help. You’re ashamed at having missed it for so long and you’re ashamed that you have it. There’s a stigma against it, but the more people speak out about it the more it becomes destigmatized. #Speakthesecret, Mama. Tell others about your thoughts and feelings. Share your journey towards getting help.
You aren’t inadequate. You aren’t unworthy. You are a great mother. You are seeking help and that lone shows the greatness of your motherhood. You are loved. Your baby thinks the world of you even if you can’t comprehend why. We are here for you, Mama. We will help you. We will teach you to see yourself as a great mother. We will help you get help. These thoughts don’t define you.
Hope’s Embrace