Dear Mama,

I see you. You spend your days writing down numbers. You look at the bills and the account and you try to reconcile it all. You’ve ran into some hard times lately, but it’s not your fault. I know you blame yourself for there not being any money, but I want you to know it’s not your fault.
You could work, but you all have ran the numbers. Daycare for more than one doesn’t make sense. You wouldn’t be making a dent in the finances to justify daycare. So you look for odd jobs. I watch you scour the internet looking for something—anything—you can do from home to help.
I see you clip the coupons and meal plan. You plan out every detail you can think of as you make the long term financial plan.
Mama, these days happen. Many families have been there. Mama’s know the feeling of going to bed a little hungry because you gave your portion to your kids. Mama’s know the fear that happens when you’re trying to avoid sickness. Not only because you want your kids healthy, but because you can’t afford the doctor’s bills.
It’s not your fault that things have happened and I can tell you that you will be okay. You just have to make it through this next little bit. Understand there is help around you. There are people around you who understand and will help out when you least expect it.
I know it’s hard. These are defining times. Times you will look back and remember. Times when you see another new mom and you give a knowing nod because you’ve been there. These are the times that you will learn what you’re made of as you stretch that $40 two weeks.
Mama, it will get better and you’ll get back on your feet. If you need help in the meantime, seek it out. I have lots of resources waiting for you.
Hope’s Embrace